2021 Ordeal Form

Print this pdf file and fill out both sides of the registration form at the link below. Then click the “Order” button to complete the online payment.

Lodge Transfer Form

Use this form if your are, or were, a member of another Lodge and would like to transfer your membership to Chumash Lodge 90. Please email to

Reimbursement Form

Fill out the PDF file below and bring in a copy to your local Council Service Center, and email the other copy to

Brotherhood Requirements Sheet

Provides a short description of the requirements to advance from the Ordeal level to the Brotherhood level in the Order of the Arrow.

Adult Nomination for Membership Form

This is the official form to be completed by a Unit Committee to nominate an adult Scouter for membership in the Order of the Arrow after the unit has successfully conducted an election.

Vigil Nomination Form

This is the official Vigil Nomination form for the Lodge.