Lodge Flaps and Patches

Official Chumash Lodge 90 lodge flaps and patches, listed from most recent* to oldest.

* Our current “standard” flap is shown first.

Lodge flaps from our predecessor lodges, Chumash Lodge 304 and Canalino Lodge 90, are not listed here.

A special thanks to Emil Mesko for starting/sharing much of this history.

Chumash Lodge Current Lodge Flap

2023 National Jamboree Patch Set

2023 Dues Flaps:
Regular dues: Glazed donut
Annual dues: Powdered (ghosted) donut

2022 NOAC Patch sets (4 versions)

2022 Dues Patches
Regular dues: full color
Annual dues (Grizzly Dues): White

2021 Dues Patches
(no new annual (Grizzly) dues path was made; those who paid annual dues received a copy of the 2020 Annual dues patch)

2020 Back Patch (7" diameter)

2020 COVID patch (made in lieu of cancellation of 2020 NOAC)

2020 Dues patches
Regular dues: multi-color (similar to 2019)
Annual (Grizzly) dues: black ghosted, red eyes

2019 First Annual Trade-o-ree
Regular: multi-color
Donor flap: white/ghosted

2019 Chenille

2019 Dues Patch
(Similar to 2020)

2018 NOAC Patch sets:

Red: Delegate
Black: Trader
Blue: Donor

Note: This patch was created after / inspired by the 2017 Whitter Fire which destroyed much of Los Padres Council's Rancho Alegre camp.

Add 2018 Dues Patch

2017 National Jamboree Patch set:

Note: This patch was created BEFORE the 2017 Whitter Fire which destroyed much of Los Padres Council's Rancho Alegre camp; the link to a fire-inspired patch is coincidental.

2017 Dues Patch

2017 Metal Flap

~ 2016
Black: standard lodge flap
Red: Fundraising

Add 2015:
Standard (black)
Fundraising (green)
Lodge participation (yellow)
Lodge service (blue)

2015 NOAC
Delegate: silver Mylar border (left/first image)
Fundraising: white border (right/second image)

Standard dues patch (2014)

2013 National Jamboree

2012 NOAC
Delegate: gold mylar
Fundraising: white

2011 Section Conclave Host Lodge

2010 National Jamboree

2006 NOAC
red: delegate
green: fundraiser

Bear in River Standard Lodge Flap

Note: The original version was made circa 2005-2006, missing the fleur-de-lis (left/first patch). Sometime after the 2006 NOAC and before 2011, another patch was made adding the fleur-de-lis (right/second patch); the fleur-de-lis is located behind the bear along the bottom edge

2005 National Jamboree

2005 special Patch (90 years of the Order of the Arrow)

2004 NOAC (delegate)

2004 Special Patch
(marking 10 year anniversary of the Los Padres Council via merger)

2002 NOAC
delegate: dark blue border (left/first image)
fundraiser: light blue border (right/second image)

2001 National Jamboree

Special Versions made of Chumash Lodge's original Lodge Flap

In reverse order of creation (i.e. most recent issue is first):
Special issue with gold mylar border & gold WWW
Regular issue with gold mylar border & red WWW
Standard black - fully embroidered
Special issue with felt bear and felt black mountains
Special issue with velvet bear and velvet black mountains

1996 NOAC delegate
Black on bear is velvet; black mountains are embroidered; border & WWW are red

1996 Original Patch for Chumash Lodge 90
Black on the bear is velvet, black mountains are embroidered