It is now time to pay your 2020 dues to remain active in the Order of the Arrow.   Your lodge officers have a great year planned, including fellowships, Induction weekends (Ordeals), and service projects, and want to ensure you’re able to join us.

For 2020, we are offering two ways to participate in the Lodge:

  • Paying your dues as usual. 2020 dues will be $25.   Each Lodge event attended will be a nominal charge, similar to 2019 and previous years.   This lets you spread your payments over the year, and pay as you go.
  • Paying for a newly offered annual pass, our “Grizzly Dues” option (in honor of our grizzly bear lodge totem). Under this option, you will pay a one-time upfront cost, and then any lodge-run events you attend in the coming year (Ordeals, annual banquet, fellowships, etc.) will be at no additional cost. [This dues option does require that you register for events on-time, so that we don’t have excess costs and can plan appropriately, but your registration fee will be $0.]   Grizzly Dues will be $130 for general members, or $145 if you plan to convert your membership to Brotherhood in 2020 (to help pay for the new sash).   If you attend all of the standard events run by the lodge, your savings with this plan will be more than $35 for the year.

A few dates for you to reserve:

  • Spring Induction (Ordeal) weekend May 1-3.
  • Fellowship July 18
  • NOAC Conference August 3-8 + travel (at Michigan State University, run by National OA; not included in Grizzly Dues package)
  • Summer Induction (Ordeal) weekend August 21-23.
  • Section Conclave September 11-13, Camp Verdugo Oaks (run by Section W-4N; not included in Grizzly Dues package)
  • Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) Training November 21
  • Annual Banquet November 21

In addition, fellowship weekends are being explored for February/March, and October, and additional service dates are in the works.

The Grizzly Dues option will only be available this month; you will need to choose this and pay by December 31 to take advantage of this deal.   (And if you don’t plan to take advantage of the Grizzly Dues, we’d still like you to pay by December 31.)    As usual, the first members to pay dues will get our 2020 dues patch, and we will be offering that patch and a special Grizzly patch for those who choose the Grizzly Dues (that is, you’ll receive two patches.)

To pay dues, go to the following link on the Los Padres Council website:


As usual, you may buy one (1) extra 2020 dues patch if dues are paid by 12/31.   Additional Grizzly Dues patches are NOT available for purchase at this time.

Alternately you can download this document and turn it in to your local Los Padres Council office.


Chumash Lodge 90