Serving the Scouts of Los Padres Council since 1996

Brotherhood and Cheerful Service

Chumash Lodge 90 serves the Scouts of the Los Padres Council covering Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, California. The Lodge was formed in 1996 when Canalino Lodge 90 and Chumash Lodge 304 merged, after the merger of Mission Council and Santa Lucia Council in 1994, which formed the Los Padres Council. The Lodge provides service to the Council, and leadership training and opportunities for the youth members of the Los Padres Council. The Lodge has four Chapters, each serving approximately half of each of the districts of the Council. The Lodge is run by the Lodge Executive Committee, or LEC, which consists of the Lodge Officers and the Chapter Chiefs. The Lodge is part of Section G18N, serving a large portion of southern California. The Lodge Chief serves on the Section Council of Chiefs to manage the affairs of the Section and plan and carryout the annual Section Conclave. The Section is part of the Western Region. Through the Lodge, youth in the Council have the opportunity to fill leadership positions at the District, Council, Regional and National levels.

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